How to make the move for older adults easier


January 25, 2018

Did you know that moving or relocating can be extremely stressful for older adults – even more so than normal? In fact, older adults can experience relocation stress syndrome. Relocation stress syndrome is caused by the disturbance of moving them from one place to another, without involving them in the moving process. That’s why it is so important to involve older adults or seniors in the moving process, just as you would if they were initiating the move themselves.

How to make the move easier for older adults:

  1. Have open communication.
  2. Organize and pack belongings together.
  3. Plan the move.

Have open communication.

When planning a senior’s move, it is important that you sit down with him or her to have an open conversation. Explain every detail of the move, so there will be no surprises. Older adults can be attached to their homes and their independence, so expect there to be some grieving. You don’t want your parent, grandparent, or loved one to feel like they have lost control over their life. Involve them in every step of the process to relieve some of the shock, and be patient and aware of their feelings.

Organize and pack belongings together.

All of your loved one’s belongings are important. In order to ensure a smooth transition, you must involve your loved one in the organization and packing. All of the “stuff” they have collected over the years holds sentimental value. Be sure to ask them what they want to take to their new residence and what should be divided up and given to family members. And always ask before you throw anything away. Downsizing may be hard, but working together will help older adults feel like they have control over the move.

Plan the move.

In order to make moving day go smoothly, you must prep for the big day long before it’s time to say goodbye to the place they called home. Be sure to show your loved one pictures and videos of the facility they’re moving to. Take a tour if possible – and even multiple tours. It is also a good idea to let the older adult know the date and time of the move, so they are not surprised by it. Being prepared and keeping open communication will be the best way to relieve any unwanted stress for your loved one during the move.

We hope we provided enough information on how to make moving older adults easier! Always remember that if you don’t feel qualified or able to take care of your loved one, we can help. To learn more about our assisted living, long-term living, or rehabilitation services, be sure to give us a call at (937) 319-8924.